Hi all!

Welcome to Skittles by Sonal. I spent a number of days mulling over the name for this blog and decided on Skittles. As most of you must know, Skittles is a shiny red packet full of bright, multi coloured fruit flavoured sweets. As a child I used to be obsessed with this candy. I always marvelled at the colours and vibrancy of the confectionary and any trip to the grocery store involved me excitedly throwing in tons of packets into the trolley! Even now, many years down the line, the name Skittles for me is synonymous with everything good and happy. And that’s what this blog is about. I will write about 3 things that I’m very passionate about. Music, food and spirituality. I will be posting delicious recipes that I’ve concocted over the years, the importance of music in ones life, and spirituality as a way of life. Read on!


4 Replies to “Introduction”

  1. Hey sonal … “SKITTLES” ..awesome name dear .. LOVED IT !!
    Secondly.. read the stuff you’ve posted up here.. Music and spirituality are no doubt pre requisites for a healthy and happy.. body mind and soul. Reading your articles has once again triggered off something that I’d started some years ago but then took a back seat on and thats .. meditation. Thanks for setting the ball rolling … Will certainly give in my right arm and evolve for sure !! Love you dear .. and all the best !!


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