Skittles is about everything good and happy, hail and hearty. This blog will cover many wellness topics, but since there’s so much information out there, I will cover 3 topics that are dear to my heart, and which I have experience in. Music, food and spirituality. When I write about spirituality, it won’t be so much about how to pray but more about the philosophy that it imbibes. By that I mean embracing spirituality and it’s laws as a way of life.

Music for me is a way of life. I have been pursuing this passion for 15 years and have graduated with a Masters in Indian classical vocal music. Through this blog, I hope to share the magic and healing effects of this wondrous subject and hope that it can enhance your quality of life.

As for food, I have no qualms in confessing that I live to eat! Put a good plate of food in front of me and my insides just smile. I test my culinary skills every now and then and am quite happy to admit that my own concoctions aren’t half bad! I’ve noted down most of these dishes and will be happy to share the recipes with you. I also keep trying recipes from cookbooks and the internet and will be posting the ones that i feel are sure shot winners. Some are extremely healthy while some are just sinfully decadent. Take your pick.

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